Barback is a freelancing, career-building and job application platform for freelancers, employees and venues across the UK.

We are here to unite and serve as the barback of the hospitality industry through disruptive innovation and our strong social mission.

What do we offer?

Barback provides the ability to increase productivity while simultaneously maximising workplace happiness; by effectively managing the reallocation of labour across the industry in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

How do we achieve this?

We use our own advanced matchmaking algorithm to find the most suitable freelancer for a venues’ highly specific needs.

Not only do we minimise the time taken for a venue to find the perfect candidate, but we also have full confidence that the connection we make between our freelancers and the venues will be the most compatible combination.

Transparent. Equal. United.

For freelancers

For this we offer the facility to our freelancers to tailor their own career to their own lifestyle; by giving them the power to fully customise our criteria base, ranging from the hours they work to the type of venue they want to work in.

For venues

As for our venues the platform offers a pool of verified freelancers available on demand for any specific business needs. We also give our venues the ability to filter exactly the requirements they seek in our freelancers, to be able to efficiently run the business from open to close.

Start your long-term career with us

We understand that many of our freelancers may want to progress into a career in the hospitality industry.

We also understand the importance of achieving an industry in which management is from those who have experienced the industry first-hand and are just as much as driven as Barback is at making long lasting change in how the industry in run.

Therefore, we at Barback have developed what we call our B.A.R.S. system. Where freelancers can showcase their talents and experience while also streamlining the hiring process for our venues.

Throughout our freelancers’ journey in getting their dream role, we not only will provide personalised support, but also offer training in areas that need strengthening.