At Barback we are deeply passionate and passionately committed to levelling up the hospitality industry.

We work 7 days awake through tech, social responsibility & Parliament to celebrate the almost 3M workers & 250k+ hospitality businesses in the UK.

We started off as bartenders, so we personally know & understand the highs & lows the industry experiences. We are by the industry, for the industry.

Meet The Founder

Ewan Moran

Founder & CEO

Ewan worked in hospitality (and occasionally still does!) while he was at the University of Exeter and has spent years living in both sides of the market with a deep passion for the industry and has gained lots of knowledge in management and training/ops.

Meet Our Advisors/Investors

Aaron Levey

Global Director at Aldi – Digital Agile Methods

Aaron joined Aldi in 2013 after graduating from St Andrews and quickly progressed to Global Director of Digital Agile Methods. He provides insights into Hospitality and software development.

Chris Phippen

CEO – Hatless Studios | Advisory CTO Barback

Chris founded Hatless Studios as a student at The University of Exeter. He is an extremely passionate individual with a drive for sustainable and progressive technology and who truly understands the scope and potential for a platform like Barback and the issues it can solve.

Dan Harding

Co-Founder Flanchetto

Dan and Ben founded Fianchetto, a crypto asset management platform. Dan has a wealth of knowledge in blockchain and crypto and has done a lot of work with Barback.

Houses of Parliament

Blockchain – AI – Hospitality APPG’s

Barback has the privilege of being a member of several All Party Parliamentary Groups, working closely with dozens of MP’s and Lords to propose amendments and new legislation as well as seeking 1:1 advice on how to repair our industry.

Adrian Norman

30 year Hedge Fund Veteran | Multiple
Music/Events/DEI Co’s

Adrian worked in hedge funds for over 30 years, notably Credit Suisse, and serves in multiple companies, including in the event space, Diversity Equity and Inclusion and in music.

Daniel Simon

OffChain Global (London) Founder

Daniel has worked extensively in social housing and with the likes of the DWP and has an extensive
network of organisations, businesses and funds in web3 and crypto. He will be working with us weekly on Barback’s long term goals.